Welcome to the International Relations blog!

Here we’ll do our best to cover three perspectives on international relations:

  1. Showcasing and discussing our own and other people’s current RESEARCH
  2. Commentary on political WORLD EVENTS, ideally linking IR theory to empirics
  3. Junior scholars’ everyday experiences, i.e. the ups and downs of GRAD LIFE

IR Blog is a collaborative project. We’re still looking for (and will continue to welcome) new contributors. So far, the team mainly consists of PhD candidates and post-docs based in Berlin (Germany), but this selection is based on convenience, not principle.

So, again, welcome everybody and have fun!

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About Mathis Lohaus

Political scientist (postdoc) at Freie Universität Berlin. For more information please visit my website. I'm interested in international organizations, norm and policy diffusion, the politics of anti-corruption, and global IR / sociology of science. Always trying to learn new things.

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