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PhD Pitch: Intro

PhD Pitch

Inspired by the concept of “elevator pitches” – where you present an idea to an important person you (supposedly) just met on the elevator – we’d like to introduce a series here on IR Blog: the PhD Pitch.

Admittedly, our version is neither based on chance nor does it involve any CEOs. But just as in MBA programs or at startup conferences, we invite you to present your project in a non-traditional way:

  • Find a way to describe your idea in less than 200 words
  • …that’s different from the abstract you used for that conference last month
  • Alternatively, make a video, info graphic, flow chart …. you name it
  • How can non-experts relate to it?
  • Why do you think it’s a fascinating project?
  • What would ideally happen once it’s published?

The “call for pitches” is open to current PhD candidates, prospective grad students, post-docs with a new project … well, anyone really. We’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to the International Relations blog!

Here we’ll do our best to cover three perspectives on international relations:

  1. Showcasing and discussing our own and other people’s current RESEARCH
  2. Commentary on political WORLD EVENTS, ideally linking IR theory to empirics
  3. Junior scholars’ everyday experiences, i.e. the ups and downs of GRAD LIFE

IR Blog is a collaborative project. We’re still looking for (and will continue to welcome) new contributors. So far, the team mainly consists of PhD candidates and post-docs based in Berlin (Germany), but this selection is based on convenience, not principle.

So, again, welcome everybody and have fun!

PS. Please consider following our brand-new Twitter account @theIRblog